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Abrikon, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern presentation, offers a unique assortment of perfectly aged Armenian brandies and vodka .

Crafted from pure apricot, the Abrikon collection introduces a fresh perspective, new message, and unique presentation, includes exquisite brandies aged 20, 12, 7, and 5 years, as well as velvety and crystal-clear vodka.

Our specially developed preparation techniques, the exceptional expertise of our specialists, and advanced technologies enrich the drinks with an unparalleled, mature taste and a rich, deep aroma, delivering true enjoyment for connoisseurs of quality beverages.

Represented in more than 25 countries, Abrikon introduces the world to Armenian flavor and culture through its brandies. The Armenian spirit of Abrikon is hidden in every detail, affirming our rich heritage and high values.



Creating Abrikon is a long and meticulous process. Each stage of brandy production requires the use of modern specialized technologies.

In our work, precision and craftsmanship are of utmost importance. Years of experience and hard work have allowed us to develop a flawless formula for a high-class drink.

Selected apricots from the Ararat Valley undergo a professional distillation process, age in high-quality natural oak barrels, and turn into a luxurious, multi-layered, and unparalleled brandy.

Every sip of Abrikon speaks of the care, responsibility, and craftsmanship that guide us through all stages of brandy preparation.


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